Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka

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Everybody has a story, though some story’s really touch the soul. This Surfers for Surfers campaign focusses on a family of ‘soul’ surfers that run a little lunchhut and surfshop at the mainpoint in Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka.

After nearly 30 years of civil war and a devastating tsunami, they are trying to rebuild their lives within a community that is bursting with tourism. However, the pressure of tourism on a small fishing town can be devastating for both the community and the environment.
At surfers for surfers we support the local surfers in Arugam Bay in setting up
their business with respect to the environment, local community and without
losing their authenticity.

We have donated over 62 surfboards, 3 rescueboards, 182 lycr’as, 42 fin sets, 380 wetsuits and several boxes containing clothing.

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