What happens to the money I've donated?

Don't worry, we're not using your money to go on a surftrip 🙂 In order to get the donated surf gear to its destination, we need to ship it overseas. As long as we can't buy locally (fair)produced surfboards or produce them locally ourselves, we will keep shipping them. So your money is used to ship used surf gear overseas, transport it to the right location and to buy local materials that are needed to build or repair the surfschool. The money that will be used to build or repair the surfschool, will be provided to the entrepreneur in a similar way to the microcredit idea. Once the shop is making profit, a small percentage will be put aside to pay back the money that was put in it. This stimulates ownership and generates money that can be used for new projects or capacity building. But we still have to ship our first container, so that will be in the future!

What happens to the surf gear I've donated?

We are supporting local communities by creating eployment opportunities within the field of (surf)tourism. In order to do so, we need your surf gear. Local surfers that already have taken the initiative to set up their (surf)businesses are supported through materials and capacity building. Simply said; we recycle your old surfing gear into business for local surfers and support them in the process. By giving lessons on your donated softtops, wearing your old lycra or renting out your old 6'9 gun they can generate an income and work towards a brighter future.

What about the environment?

Yes we care about the environment! Within the spirit of surfing lies the safeguarding of nature. We're surrounded by nature and depend on nature. That spirit needs to be transferred through everything we do. Most surfboards are however quite toxic, so by re-using them we're already helping a hand. Locally we stimulate beach clean-ups, use eco friendly materials and as much green energy as possible. Through capacity building and by raising awareness we also stimulate local (surf)businesses to transfer the spirit of surfing along with safeguarding nature on to tourists. And while we're at it, why not recycle or upcycle beach waste into souvenirs?

What can I do?

There is a lot you can do! You can donate skills, time, surf gear,...anything actually! Even if you just want to go on a surftrip, bring gear you can donate locally. However, bare in mind that you shouldn't leave gear that's so damaged and crappy that it will end up as waste.

So what happens next?

We do have a masterplan:) If you have ever visited F.A.S.T you will understand, what we have in mind; We aim to create a location where (surf)entrepreneurship can florish while benefitting the local community and environment and where we can all enjoy a sustainable surftrip. This is our future vision.


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